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Take Control of Your Franchise Operations

FranchiseBlast empowers you to run a successful franchise business with easy-to-use operational software. Manage day-to-day issues with franchisees, see everything happening in real-time, and increase the level of control you have over your franchise business.

Get FranchiseBlast so you can offer franchisees state-of-the-art franchise operation software. Franchisees will benefit from the ability to run their businesses more effectively, and you'll benefit from having management control and more visibility into what's going on. FranchiseBlast is your franchise intranet, an essential portal for you and your franchisees to grow together and succeed.

Franchise Software

Given your franchisees the best tools to run their business.

  • Real-time Monitoring See everything that's happening with your franchisees instantly.
  • Franchisee Operations Help franchisees run better businesses and earn more revenue.
  • Franchise-Specific Configured and optimized to your specific franchise needs.
  • Attract Franchisees Increase the quality of franchisees by offering a top management solution.

Thanks to FranchiseBlast, we grew painlessly from a single franchisee to almost a hundred all over the world!
- Pat Shirkey, Teddy Mountain LLC.

Open source contributions

Over the years, we've contributed to the following open source projects (and more):


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